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About Us

In a region full of car enthusiasts, we have been told our quality work can easily be spotted on the road.  

That’s because we know our customers and the landscape in which we operate. Repeat business across a range of industries including mining, construction, government and car hire, speaks volumes about our products, services and skill. We are trusted, respected and strive for excellence in every job. 

Setting the standard for detailing and paint protection, we have invested in the finest automotive coating on the market. The long-lasting crystal protectant minimises scratches and combats UV rays, road film, tar, salt, and other extremities. 

But although our service works to combat Pilbara conditions, we are equally committed to protecting this unique part of the world and reducing our water footprint. 

Fully insured, our custom-built studio is located in Karratha’s light industrial area. Offering state of the art technology and environmentally friendly alternatives, this is not your typical car detailing business. 

From the first visit to our premier studio to the delivery of your transformed vehicle, you won’t be disappointed. 

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